Members agree when joining, Bangkok Classifieds Forum, that when they buy or sell, they do so at their own risk and that it is not the responsibility of the website admins/owners to settle disputes, act as a middleman or to be a witness to fraud claims. We make every effort to moderate our website and Facebook groups by removing unwanted content and users on a daily basis.

  • We reserve the right to delete any advertisements that do not meet our standards and guidelines
  • You automatically agree to the listing policy terms when you create an account or post new a classified listing
  • If you violate the advertising and selling guidelines your account will be terminated without notice


1. Advertisements must be made in English or English/Thai languages only.

2. You must include the price of the item in your listing.

3. You must include a description, images and contact details.

4. There are no daily postings limitations, however you must only post unique listings.
(Dual posts will be deleted)

5. You can only post items that are relevant to our websites 20 main categories.
(ie Real Estate, Restaurants, Local Services, Cars, Electronics, Furniture or Job listings)

6. You can only advertise Thailand based businesses in our classifieds directory.
(Categories for business advertising; Local Services, Legal Services, Local Restaurants, Travel or Visa Agents)

7. The following items or services are blacklisted for being listed on our website.
(Bulk Electronics, Pirated IPTV Services, Homeopathy Products,  Pharmaceutical Drugs, or Pirated Goods)

8. You can not advertise items that violate the laws of Thailand or conflict with our advertising partners.

9. Posting advertisements with affiliate links or the adult Industry is strictly forbidden.

10. You must trade, advertise or sell under one account only.

(Last Updated: 15th July 2017)